Monday, 24 August 2009

Funeral etiquette

Funerals are never going to be happy events, but in recent years they have perhaps become less formal - with people emphasising the celebration of life, and in some cases introducing a humanist delivery, rather than reverting to the traditional Vicar and religion without any true meaning to the non-believers out there. Handpainted coffins, children's poems, friends' memories, and a whole variety of music all now often play a part in the end of life ceremony.
Have you any tales to tell, or experiences of an unusual send off?
Indeed, do you have any ideas about your own funeral - how you would like it to be, whether you want to play any part in planning it, songs or readings you may have chosen for the 'event'. Please do share with us your thoughts.

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  1. When I go to bed at night, I nearly always put on the midnight news on BBC radio 4. The sound of Big Ben chiming at midnight gives me a good feeling - of safety, familiarity - it's a kind of friendly sound I think which makes me feel a sense of ... security. When the curtains shut around my coffin, I would like to have the Big Ben chimes.