Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Stress Trauma

I found this had been tweeted by someone I follow, and wanted to share it with everyone! A very comprehensive piece about the effects of suffering from trauma, and/or some major shock. Hope others will find this helpful too.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

'Life' after death ...

Today I went to pick up my son from Cambridge University where he is studying Computer Science. He was going to come on the train, but when I heard it was a 'replacement bus service' and going to take him more than twice as long, in the pouring rain, I decided to play the 'kind mum' card and drive over to pick him up.

I like time in the car with my kids, as it is a good chance to natter, without distractions. He was telling me about the medic students, and how they have to make their dead bodies last for the year, as they are in such short supply. He told me that it was common practice for the students to write to the relatives of their bodies, to let know what they were doing. I immediately and instinctively felt very positive about that, and thought what a good idea - to let the relative of the donated dead body know that was being useful, and how.

We then both went on to have a slightly weird conversation about the positives of leaving our own bodies for something useful. We decided we both quite fancied a life after death as skeletons. They are apparently quite hard to come by, and very expensive! You can imagine the conversation, as we whizzed down the A14, and talked of picturing ourselves in some lecture theatre, as 'Max' or 'Jane' ...The Skeletons.

Not a conversation I would ever easily have predicted having with my son! But it was strangely comforting ... If my old bones are up to it in the future, you never know!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Is it possible to bury a loved one in the garden?

This is interesting, I had heard that it was possible! What do people think about this - garden burial at a family home? Large estates of course used to have burial areas for family members, but what about the home burial the the garden of a much less grand abode?

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Have others tried writing a letter to a deceased loved one?

Have others tried writing a letter to a loved one who has passed on? And, if so, did it help? This is a sad letter to read, and you can only hope that the mother who wrote it has found the process therapeutic in some way.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Cochester Cemetery in Essex tell mourners to remove 'cheap trinkets' The article linked here, from the Daily Mail gives you the opportunity to vote with your view!

A Cemetery in Colchester in Essex is putting it's foot down, and asking that mourners behave in a more 'dignified' manner, and remove an abundance of toys, trinkets, and adornments they have placed in the cemetery to mark their loved ones graves.

Do you think this is reasonable, or is it a local council being bossy and insensitive to the wishes of mourners?

Council to save money – and combat global warming – by heating a swimming pool using heat generated by crematorium

Redditch Council in Worcestershire reckon they could save nearly £15K a year, by using the heat generated from the crematorium incinerators, next door to their new Abbey Stadium sports centre.

Who thinks this is a good idea? Or is such a (relatively!) small amount of money not worth saving, at the risk of people feeling the whole idea lacks respect for the recently departed ...?

Saturday, 29 January 2011

LOSS - word in pictures

Found on today's Guardian website, these pictures illustrate loss - not always in relation to a death. Poignant and beautiful. Do look at them.