Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Cochester Cemetery in Essex tell mourners to remove 'cheap trinkets' The article linked here, from the Daily Mail gives you the opportunity to vote with your view!

A Cemetery in Colchester in Essex is putting it's foot down, and asking that mourners behave in a more 'dignified' manner, and remove an abundance of toys, trinkets, and adornments they have placed in the cemetery to mark their loved ones graves.

Do you think this is reasonable, or is it a local council being bossy and insensitive to the wishes of mourners?


  1. Bossy and insensitive. Aesthetic snobbery. Sorry, I'm in no two minds about this!

    If you observe people in a cemetery they normally have eyes only for their plot. If these dingly-wingly graves are a distraction they are only a minor and brief distraction.

  2. Why would anybody wish to place articles, whether tawdry & cheap or expensive & impressive on the grave of a loved one.Surely the grave and or memorial themselves would be an adequate reminder of the departed person to those who knew them. After all grave adornments would mean nothing to people not connected to the deceased.It doesn't seem quite right that a place of rememberance and meditation for many should be tarnished by the actions of a few

  3. I think the adorning of graves with lots of trinkets and toys is mainly to impress others, and is something which needs to be addressed before it gets out of hand. I'm thinking of the churchyard I visit, where many of my family are buried, and quite frankly it is starting to resemble something of a theme park instead of a place of quiet and dignified solitude.
    Flowers are an acceptable decoration, not soft toys, windmills, wind chimes, football scarves and ornaments etc.

    Just my personal opinion of course.

    Neither do I understand why, when people place flowers on memorials and graves, they leave on the wrapping - it just looks like a rubbish tip after a few days, when the flowers cannot be seen but all the wrapping can.
    I say "Show the flowers at their best, dump the wrapping paper".