Thursday, 13 August 2009

Assisted suicide

I think things are beginning to change on this front. About time. There should be more choice, for those who want it.


  1. You wouldn't let your beloved pet suffer if they were in pain and no quality of life - we need to look at the same option for the people we love too.

  2. Having known someone who went to Switzerland to commit suicide, I have to say it is absolutely gruesome to live with that knowledge beforehand. However, it was her choice, and she was determined to do it. Her family and friends were devastated by her choice, and it didn't help with the grieving for our loss.

  3. Thank you to the last comment contributor, a first hand account like that is very thought-provoking. I have to admit, it slightly stopped me in my tracks, of thinking that pushing for assisted suicide options were surely something of a 'no brainer' in a civilized society. Thank you again for making me ponder this ...